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Proactive Role

Taking a proactive role in foot heath by seeking education and assessment from our podiatrists can help you maintain healthy feet. Information regarding foot care, footwear and any potential problems that may arise from posture and gait can enable you to seek treatment at an early stage ensuring faster recovery and better results.

My Feet Hurt!

‘My feet are killing me’ is a common cry, yet research shows that only a fraction of those suffering from sore feet seek professional help. A common misconception is that sore feet are normal; they are not.

Individual Treatment

Some feet have special needs – children’s feet, sporting feet, working feet, mature feet and feet affected by disease.


Clinical studies show that by 50, we are 80% more likely to develop arthritis in the foot and ankle as well as being highly likely to develop toe and joint deformities.

By the time we reach 50, our feet have covered 86,000 kilometres, making them more prone to injury and disease.


Nearly 20% of all workplace injury claims relate to injuries to the feet and toes.